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Randall Cousins - Therapeutic Theremin Thongs

Released: 2008
Format: CD
Record Label: Alleged Iguana Records
Notes: Randall always found a way to get me to play on his albums and I was happy to have played bass on the songs Net Split and New Mexico.  I miss you my good man!

Scott Helfrich - Sounds From The Basement

Released: 2006
Format: CD
Notes: Good friend and insane songwriter, I played bass on the track Deep Blue.

Toronto Experimental Artists - TEA Volume 4

Released: June 15, 2005
Format: CD
Notes: "Released a newly remastered and edited version of 10X Devoted Man, produced and played on Contemplating What by Yvonne-Marie Evans, played bass on Ocean Shell by The Audience and was one of the remastering engineers."

Randall Cousins - Murder On The Ice Train

Released: February 2, 2005
Format: CD
Notes: "Randall came up with the idea of having everyone write a piece of music and then passing it to the left.  Track 13, Distant Memories was a collaborative between Randall, the Knife and myself."

Toronto Experimental Artists - TEA Volume 3

Released: December 18, 2004
Format: CD
Notes: "Released a newly remastered version of I Don't Care If You Go To Hell."

Toronto Experimental Artists - TEA Volume 2

Released: December 18, 2004
Format: CD
Notes: "This was the first time Vangelic was released."

Greg Klyma - Not A Complicated Guy

Released: February 2003
Format: CD
Notes: "After feuding for a couple of years, Greg and I buried the hatchet and began playing together.  He invited me to play bass on the song Another Town and I gladly obliged."

Roto Noto Music - Taking Music To The Next Level

Released: April 2002
Format: CD
Notes: "I met Canadian producer Randall Cousins on the internet and we both struck up and immediate friendship.  He would send me the music and I would write the lyrics, demo them and send the piece back to him. We wrote three songs this way, She Digs Ugly Men, Part Of The Game and (I Know Why) God Made Me This Way.  I went to his studio, recorded the final versions over the summer of 2001 and pretty much forgot about the songs.  One day in January, Randall called me very excited about the prospect of releasing one of the songs on a forthcoming Roto Noto sampler.  We both agreed on (I Know Why) God Made Me This Way, which was my first stab at blues and here it is.  This is a killer sampler full of wonderful country artists, I'm so proud that I made the cut."

October 4 - Dirty Girl

Released: March 2001
Format: CD
Notes: "I've known my friend Jeff Dettelis for years and we played together back in an early incarnation of Dionysus and through Jeff I met his brother Rob.  I remember hanging out with Rob at an Ace Frehley concert once and going absolutely berserk when Ace played Shot Full Of Rock.  Rob gave me a call seeing if I wanted to play bass on the Dirty Girl CD single.  Always up for a studio gig, I took the challenge.  Rob and Jeff love schlock rock...they think the Rolling Stones are the greatest band of all time...I beg to differ!"

Greg Klyma - New Clothes

Released: January 23, 2000
Format: CD
Notes: "Greg had asked me to play bass on his third album (actually I kept bugging him) cuz I was a big fan of Greg's music for years.  So he flew me out to Las Vegas (actually Boulder City, NV) on 10/20/98.  The album was recorded at Siberia Studios and engineered by good friend and former Buffalonian Paul (The Knife) Petronsky.  Due to time constraints, I recorded all of my bass tracks on 10/21/98 in only 3 hours.  Most of what you hear is one take (or less - severe grace under pressure, Rush style).  What a great time I had in Vegas and what a great time I had being part of this album.  Someday I'll tell you all about it. Due to a bad sitch (I'll let Greg fill you in) it took over a year and a half to get this puppy released."

Lewis & Klark - A Buffalo Holiday With Friends

Released: November 24, 1999
Format: CD
Notes: "This is a wonderful Christmas cd. I did a version of Jethro Tull's A Christmas Song with Lewis & Klark on guitars and good friend Bobby Price on background vocals.  We sort of walked in the studio and recorded everything in about 4 hours.  The great thing about this disk is that 100% of the sale goes to benefit the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Western New York, as you well know, I'm always up for a good cause."

The Buffalo Music Collective - Music From Here Volume 2

Released: September 4, 1998
Format: CD
Notes: "The second BMC compilation album featuring 16 Buffalo bands.  I released the All That And Brains Too... (Riley Live Mix) which is track 12 on HYME?"

Riley - Blueprint

Released: June 20, 1998
Format: CD
Notes: "Riley are very good friends of mine this album is killer.  Mark & Mike played extensively on HYME? and it was a honor to repay the favor and appear on their album.  Mark gave me the spark and I pretty much wrote the rough draft.  Mark's lovely wife Marg checked for historical accuracy and made whatever changes were necessary.  We pretty much recorded the piece in about a hour or so and Mark laid the background music later.  The band broke up in December of 1999 and still hurts me to this very day. If you can find this album, buy it, as it's a masterpiece"

Elevation Of Depression - Ballistic

Released: 1998
Format: CD
Notes: "Every so often I used to play bass for Elevation Of Depression.  Tony is a very demanding person to work for, but he is a true professional and a great friend and I really enjoy performing with him.  You had to see his show as he had more lights and effects than most disco bars do.  Tony found my hidden track on MHPM&OCF to be the funniest thing he ever heard, so he created this dance mix using samples from the hidden track and included it as his hidden track for Ballistic."

The Buffalo Music Collective - Music From Here Volume 1

Released: May 24, 1997
Format: CD
Notes: "The first BMC compilation album featuring 19 Buffalo bands.  I decided to do something different, so I went in the studio and recorded the bass tracks and remixed the song Mr. Handpuppet Man.  I took out a lot of the keyboards, giving it a much different feel."

edn - Buy It Burn It Pave It

Released: May 24, 1997
Format: CD
Notes: "I was the digital consultant/engineer on this album.  Some of the harmonies and sounds were looped using Cubase Audio for Windows 3.1 with the Yamaha CBX-D5 digital 4 track.  It's a killer album and I'm proud to have been associated with the recording.  edn was a fantastic band and really would have gotten somewhere if they didn't break up."

Lana Lied - Fields

Released: 1997
Format: CD
Notes: "I was the digital consultant/engineer on this album.  I looped harmonies, flew in the keyboards and drum triggers from the computer synching them to tape via SEMPTE.  It was a mega pain in the ass making the machines talk together and I had to spend many a night synching up the drum triggers with the actual drum tracks on tape."

Flatline - Caught Between Two Worlds

Released: 1996
Format: CD
Notes: "Synched the computer to tape to create a dance mix of the song Speed retitled Take 11 as well as assisted with mastering."

Funnibone - Funnibone

Released: 1996
Format: CD
Notes: "One of my first engineering jobs as I assisted with mastering."

No Moss - A Tribute To The Rolling Stones

Released: August 19, 1995
Format: CD
Notes: "A collection of sixteen Buffalo artists doing Rolling Stones covers.  A very rare limited collectors item since only 500 copies of the disk were pressed and marked the first appearance of NSS, the musical entity."

The Skeptics - Be Satisfied

Released: 1995
Format: CD
Notes: "Tom asked me to play bass on the first single After All where I was credited as Noel Stefan Stoyanoff as NSS didn't exist yet."